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Adventure Plus' Outdoor Education Camps and Day Activities cover a multitude of AusVELS Domains;

The Health and Physical Education Domain:

All students are briefed at the beginning of any of our activity sessions on safety therefore, enabling them to particpate in movement and physical activities safely, confidently whilst also utilising equipment safely and successfully. Following this our professional qualified staff will instruct and demonstrate basic skill sets, allowing students to progress from the development of basic motor skills to the performance of complex movment patterns, for example kayaking or rafting as a team.

Through students engagment in physical activity (rock climbing, Abseiling, Kayaking etc) these activities and adventures contribute to a sense of well being and community and social connectedness.

Our Activities foster the exploration of challenges and risk. Allowing students to push themselves out of comfort zones whilst learning in a safe and encouraging environment. They are able to identify the harms associated with particular situations and behaviours and how to take action to minimise these harms.

Thinking Processes Domain:

Students are continually encouraged and supported outside of the classroom to develop higher-order processes through creative problem solving (e.g. raft builder) decision making (journey based camps) and conceptualising (through observations and experience of various outdoor experiences and activities). Activities all have a 'challenge' associated with them and it is within this challenge that students are stimulated and encouraged to utilise effective thinking and problem solving.

Students are given self-reflection time allowing them quiet self-centred time to think and reflect, leading to later sustained discussion and deliberation with their peers.

The Interpersonal Development Domain:

All our Adventures and camps provide students with learning opportunities and experiences that will support their learning across the curriculum. Particularly in relation to working in teams, sharing resources, collaborating and cooperating. Our Camps place emphasis on these areas with the students working together in various actvities and situations, enhancing their respect and team building skills which flow back into the classroom on their return.

Communication Domain:

All Activities require clear and open communication by all students to their peers, staff and our staff alike. Students learn to understand the importance of clear and positive communication between themselves in order to be safe and enjoy their adventure to its maximum


Back to Basics is a unique blend of adventure activities, team building and leadership. It promotes positive learning and strategies for life. B2B challenges children's dependability upon technology and the 21st Century by taking them out of their comfort zone and on a remote journey, camping, bushwalking and various other activities and challenges.